Professor Yanick Crow BMedSci, MBBS, MRCP, PhD

Photograph of Yanick Crow

Professor of Genetic Medicine

Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine
University of Manchester
Manchester Academic Heath Science Centre
Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
St Mary's Hospital
Oxford Road
M13 9WL


Aicardi-Goutières syndrome (AGS) is a genetically-determined brain disease closely mimicing the sequelae of congenital infection. AGS and congenital viral infection are both associated with an increased production of interferon alpha (IFN-a). Furthermore, a disturbance of IFN-a homeostasis is considered central to the pathogenesis of the autoimmune disorder systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). In keeping with this, some children with AGS develop an early-onset form of SLE.

In 2006 we reported that recessive mutations in any of the genes encoding the 3´- 5´ exonuclease TREX1 (AGS1) or the three non-allelic components of the RNASEH2 endonuclease complex (AGS2, 3 and 4) result in AGS. We further showed, in 2007, that heterozygous TREX1 mutations cause both a dominant form of AGS and a cutaneous subtype of SLE, called familial chilblain lupus. In 2009 we described the AGS5 gene SAMHD1 as a regulator of the innate immune response, in 2012 we showed that mutations in the RNA editing enzyme ADAR1 can also result in the AGS phenotype, and in 2014 we reported mutations in IFIH1 / MDA5 to cause a spectrum of 'type I interferonopathy' phenotypes, includng AGS.

The proteins (TREX1, the RNASEH2 complex, SAMHD1 and ADAR1) are all involved in nucleic acid metabolism. Based on our results, and data from other laboratories, we hypothesise that the AGS-associated proteins are involved in removing ‘waste’ cellular nucleic acid species, a failure of which process results in triggering of the innate immune response that is more normally induced by viral nucleic acid. This understanding defines a novel cell-intrinsic mechanism for the initiation of autoimmunity by interferon-stimulatory nucleic acid, and offers an elegant mechanistic explanation for the phenotypic overlap of AGS with congenital infection and SLE. That is, in the absence of protein activity, endogenous nucleic acids accumulate and are sensed as viral or ‘non-self’, leading to the induction of an IFN-alpha mediated immune response.

Our ongoing work aims to define the pathway from gene mutation through nucleic acid accumulation to stimulation of the immune system. Considering the natural history of AGS, ‘windows of opportunity’ for the treatment of this devastating disease exist and it is realistic to expect that advances in our understanding of the mechanisms underlying the phenotype will lead to earlier diagnosis, and provide molecular targets for the development of therapeutic interventions. We are pursuing these aims through a large international EU funded project (

The above studies have prompted us to consider the identification and analysis of single-gene disorders predisposing to the development of SLE as a tractable approach to understanding the pathogenesis of lupus; such ‘experiments of nature’ representing the equivalent of genetically engineered animal models of disease – in the human context. As proof of principle then, in 2011, we identified the causative gene for the immuno-osseus dysplasia spondyloenchondrodysplasia, in which affected individuals are at very high risk of multiple autoimmune phenotypes including lupus, and demonstrate a so-called type I interferon signature. We are currently using the new sequencing technologies to identify other Mendelian causes of lupus.

Finally, using intracranial calcification (ICC) as a clinical starting point, in collaboration with John Livingston (paediattric neurologist, Leeds), we are developing a classication system of ICC phenotypes, and using this system to identify causative genes (e..g see our definition of mutations in Occludin and CTC1 in band-like calcification and Coats plus respectively). 


I qualified in Medicine from Newcastle University in 1991, obtained my MRCP in adult medicine in Glasgow, subsequently worked in paediatrics in Stirling, and then undertook training in Clinical Genetics at Yorkhill Hospital (1996 - 1999). Inspired by Professor John Stephenson and Dr John Tolmie I became interested in neurogenetics and moved to Leeds where I undertook a PhD on the genetics of Aicardi-Goutières syndrome (AGS) with Dr Geoff Woods and Sir Alex Markham. Between 2001 and 2006 I was a full-time NHS consultant in the Yorkshire Regional Genetics Service, at which point I took up a post as Senior Lecturer in the Leeds Institute of Molecular Medicine working closely with Professor David Bonthron. In 2008 I became a Professor in Genetic Medicine at the University of Manchester.

My work has two main themes:

1. Type I interferonopathies - most particularly AGS. My work on AGS has proven to be of considerable scientific interest, and has led to the study of Mendelian forms of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).

2. Paediatric neurogenetics. Taking intracranial calcification as a diagnostic starting point has allowed for the delineation of a number of other clinical entities, demonstrating this same radiological sign, the genetic basis of which are currently under investigation.

Collaborators and affiliated staff

Dr Gillian Rice - Senior Postdoc employed by the University of Manchester

Dr Paul Kasher - Postdoc funded through the European Research Council

Dr Emma Jenkinson - Postdoc funded through the Great Ormond Street Children's Charity

Mr Anthony Oojageer - Research Technician funded through the European Research Council



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