Professor David Ray

Photograph of David Ray

Professor of Medicine and Endocrinology

Centre for Endocrinology and Diabetes
AV Hill Building
Oxford Road
M13 9PT


Professor of medicine and endocrinology

Honorary consultant in endocrinology at Manchester Royal Infirmary

Deputy editor, Journal of Endocrinology

Deputy Chair, MRC Clinical Research Training Fellowship Panel

General Secretary, Society for Endocrinology

Memberships of Committees and Professional Bodies

Society for Endocrinology

Endocrine Society

British Medical Association

Royal College of Physicians of London


My research aims to discover how circadian timing mechanisms affect inflammation, and immunity and the role of nuclear receptors to mediating this communication.

I came to this from studying how glucocorticoid signalling regulates immunity and inflammation. I worked on glucocorticoid sensitivity in human small cell lung cancer, and discovered the underlying mechanism explaining ectopic ACTH secretion. This led to analysis of immune system cross-talk with the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, which identified the role of intrapituitary cytokine expression, and action.

I returned to Manchester as a clinical lecturer, and moved to define structure-activity relations for synthetic glucocorticoid. This led to the first publication of a model for the ligand binding domain of the glucocorticoid receptor, which was later validated by crystallography. I reported on the GRgamma isoform, as a constitutive splice variant, with distinct properties. I went on to discover the mechanism explaining production of the isoform, and to show that this is conserved through mammalian evolution.

I extended my interest to include circadian timing mechanisms as it became clear that glucocorticoids serve as a major timing signal, by regulating PER1 expression. Moreover, working with Andrew Loudon, we discovered that timing cells in the lung were enriched for glucocorticoid receptor expression.

Variation in glucocortiocid sensitivity is a major issue in human healthcare, with huge annual usage of glucocorticoid drugs to treat lung disease. I have led a discovery programme to find mechanisms explaining such variation in sensitivity. This programme of work has identified cave-in (highly enriched in the lung), MERM1 (a methyltransferase with very high expression in bronchial epithelium), PIN1 (an isomerase with selective action of GR transactivation), and BMPRII (a transmembrane receptor genetically linked to primary pulmonary hypertension).

My interest in glucocortiocid action, and expertise in structure:activity modelling and experimental validation led to a drug discovery programme which has resulted in world-wide patent protection for a series of synthetic steroids with selective glucocorticoid action, SEGRA molecules. This programme was funded by a Wellcome Trust SDDI award.

My interests in nuclear receptor function naturally led to a programme identifying synthetic ligands for NR1D1 (REVERBa). We published the first such molecules, and have gone on to find both agonist and antagonist ligands. We are pursuing the mechanisms of action now, with a view to obtaining appropriate probes for in-vivo testing in lung inflammation (current molecules lack potency, and have undesirable PK properties).

With Andrew Loudon I have led a programme studying circadian control of macrophage function, and more recently circadian regulation of pulmonary immunity. In this latter programme we have discovered the key timing cells in the lung, and shown that the circadian clock regulates inflammation in part through epigenetic regulation of glucocorticoid receptor function in the lung.


Supervisor for Current Students:

2005-           Ms Laura Robinson

PhD (University of Manchester) - Funded by University of Manchester

2006-             Mr Stephen Beesley

PhD (University of Manchester) - Funded by BBSRC CASE award

2007-          Dr Ilias Perogamvros

PhD (University of Manchester) - Funded by Onassis Foundation

2007-             Dr John Blaikley

PhD (University of Manchester) - MRC Clinical Research Training Fellowship

2008 -            Maryam Jangani

PhD (University of Manchester) - NIHR Manchester Biomedical Research Centre

2009 -            Peter Trebble

PhD (University of Manchester) - GSK CASE

2009 -            Sarah Otto

PhD (University of Manchester) - GSK CASE

2010 -            Seamus Grundy

PhD (University of Manchester) - Wellcome Trust clinical research training fellowship

2010 -           John Raynolds

MPhil (University of Manchester) - NIHR Manchester Biomedical Research Centre

Past students:

1999 - 2002  Dr Charlotte Waters

PhD (University of Manchester) - Funded by BBSRC, currently post-doc, King's College, London

2002 - 2003  Dr Xaiojing Pan

PhD (University of Manchester) - Funded by ORS and URS awards, currently post-doct, University of Minnesota, USA

2002 - 2003 Dr Helen J Garside

PhD (University of Manchester) - Funded by BBSRC CASE award, currently post-doc, AstraZeneca

2000 - 2003 Ms Elaine Gill

PhD (University of Manchester) - Joint supervisor with Dr Simon Luckman, Biological Sciences, University of Manchester. Currently post-doct, University of Liverpool

2001- 2005  Dr Zaynab Alourfi

PhD (University of Manchester) - Funded by the Syrian Government

2002- 2005  Ms Lisa Rice

PhD (University of Manchester) - Funded by the BBSRC

2003 - 2007  Ms Elaine Beaulieu

PhD (University of Manchester) - Funded by Frederick Craven bequest

2005 - 2007  Mr Andrew McMaster

PhD (University of Manchester) - Funded by the arc

2005 - 2008  Mr Andrew Berry

PhD (University of Manchester) - Funded by University of Manchester

2006 - 2010  Mr Paul Kay

PhD (University of Manchester) - MRC quota studentship


Graduated in medicine, University of Manchester, in 1987.

Trained in general internal medicine and endocrinology in the North West of England.

PhD University of Manchester in 1994

Post doctoral work at UCLA 1994-1996

GSK fellow University of Manchester, then lecturer, senior lecturer and professor in 2005



MB ChB Manchester

PhD Manchester

FRCP Royal College of Physicians

Collaborators and affiliated staff

I have established an independent research group that now comprises:

  • Dr Philippe LeRouzec (Research Associate)
  • Dr Midori Kayahara (Research Associate)
  • Dr Helen Attisha (Research Associate)
  • Dr Laura Elsby (Research Associate)
  • Miss Helen Gillingham (Research Assistant)
  • Mr Andrew McMaster (Research Assistant)
  • Mr Stuart Ellison (Research Assistant)
  • Miss Elaine Beaulieu (PhD student)
  • Miss Lisa Rice (PhD student)
  • Dr Zaynab Alourfi (PhD student)
  • Mr Andrew Berry (Research Technician)

Major Active Collaborations:

Hypothalamic-pituitary axis and stress

Prof Francis Creed, Prof Gary MacFarlane, Prof Alan Silman; Psychiatry and arc epidemiology units, University of Manchester

Prof CEM Griffiths; Academic Dermatology Unit, University of Manchester  

Glucocorticoid action in inflammatory disease

Dr Rachelle Donn, arc epidemiology unit, University of Manchester

Dr Stuart Farrow and Dr Barbara Maschera, Glaxo SmithKline, Asthma Cell Biology, Stevenage, UK

Prof Ashley Woodcock, Dr Dave Singh, NorthWest Regional Lung Centre, Wythenshawe Hospital, and Medical School, University of Manchester.

Prof Michael White, Biological Sciences, University of Liverpool

Glucocorticoid sensitivity

Dr Michael Norman, School of Medicine, University of Bristol

Dr Julie B Stimmel, GSK, North Carolina, USA

Macrophage migration inhibitory factor

Dr Rachelle Donn, arc epidemiology unit, University of Manchester

Prof Simon Gaskell, Department of Chemistry, University of Manchester.

Dr Keith Ray, GSK, Stevenage, UK

Retroviral gene delivery

Dr Jim Freeth, Astra-Zeneca, Alderley Park, UK

Diabetic retinal disease

Dr Paul Bishop, Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow, Biological Sciences, University of Manchester

Dr Rachelle Donn, ARC epidemiology unit, University of Manchester

Dr J Martin Gibson, Consultant in diabetes, Salford Royal Hospitals, Manchester

Dr Graham Leese, Consultant in Diabetes, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee.

Orphan nuclear receptors in human inflammatory disease

Dr Antonio Castrillo, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA

Dr Stuart Farrow, GSK, Stevenage, UK



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